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Our 5-Step  Estate Maintenance Program


STEP 1: Spring Cleanup (April through May)

Our Estate Maintenance crew will perform the necessary services for a thorough spring cleanup of your landscape.  This will include removal of debris, cultivation of beds and spaded edging of all beds. We highly recommend mulch.  Mulch holds in moisture, stabalizes temperatures and adds the final touch to your landscape.  Mulch areas will be top-dressed as needed, if requested by our customer, for an additional charge.  Finally, all plant material in need of spring pruning and shaping will be completed at the proper time.  If you would like annuals planted, we will do so during this maintenance step in May.  Please call for details.

 STEP 2: Early Summer Maintenance (June and July)
Approximately 8-10 weeks after your spring cleanup, our crew will return for another cleanup.  Weeding and cultivating your mulch will be done, as needed to maintain a fresh look. Beds will again be spade edged to prevent grass from encroaching into your planting beds as needed. All spring flowering trees and shrubs will be pruned at this time, along with any evergreens, which need attention.

STEP 3: Late Summer Maintenance (August and September)
Our experience has proven that your beds will need cultivating and cleaning at least every 6 - 8 weeks. We will address the same bed work as in Step 2. This late summer attention to your property will also include dead heading or pinching back of perennial and annual flowers that have become unsightly. This will encourage further bloom time. We will also attend to any pruning needs of your evergreens, ornamental trees and shrubs.  Core aeration or any other lawn renovation needs will be evaluated at this time, upon client request.

STEP 4: Fall Care and Winterizing the Landscape (October and November)
Our Estate Maintenance crew will perform a final and thorough bed inspection and cleanup. This will also include the cutting back of all perennials for winter protection and the removal of dead annuals. All leaves and other debris will be removed from all planting bed areas.

STEP 5: Winterizing and Dormant Pruning (November and December)
A final pruning to all summer flowering shrubs will be done to ready them for the winter. Any shrubs in need of more substantial rejuvenation or dead wood removal will be addressed at this time, or if necessary, in very early spring.

The 5-Step Estate Maintenance Program will assist you in maintaining a professionally groomed appearance in your landscape throughout the year. Call today, to assure your place on our schedule 937.716.9922.

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